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Jenna Burger Design, formerly SAS Interiors, is a daily Interior Design blog and resource website focused on inspiring others in the areas of interior design, home decorating, and do it yourself projects.  Thank you for taking interest in partnering with Jenna Burger Design to promote your business and/or brand.  Through brand awareness, advertising, a product review, or a giveaway offer, Jenna Burger Design is the ideal platform to reach a large audience of DIY and decorating enthusiasts and hobbyists.

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About Jenna Burger Design
Jenna Burger Design is a daily Design blog and resource website with a focus on inspiring others through Do-It-Yourself tutorials, decorating ideas, and interior design inspiration. launched in 2010, then grew into Jenna Burger Design in late 2014 and has always been dedicated to delivering smart, affordable, and stylish solutions for the home, and has quickly gained a strong following of design and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Who is Jenna Burger?
On paper, I’m an educated Interior Designer, Creative Consultant, Stylist and Design Blogger.  In reality, I’m a mom, wife, and smart, passionate, and enthusiastic DIYer and businesswoman who has non-stop drive for design.  I continually strive to share my skills and design “know-how” with others.  My mission is to inspire and be inspired, and as a Blogger and Writer, I feel I can connect with others on a broad spectrum.

Jenna is available for:
product reviews, guest writing, media and/or magazine collaborations,  speaking engagements, webinars, design conferences, and brand ambassadorship / partnership

Demographics & Audience
Jenna Burger Design reaches well over 300,000 visitors per month with about 70% of readers being women between the ages of 25-55 and over 80% of readers being from the United States and Canada. Readers are looking for fresh ideas that they feel are possible to implement in their homes. Loyal readers return time and time again because they know they will find “real” advice, thorough tutorials, amazing transformations, and extremely great tips on styling, decorating, and interior design inspiration.

Why companies work with Jenna Burger Design?
Product Review, Brand Awareness, Promotions
Jenna Burger Design is a PR-friendly blog that features DIY projects, how-to’s, before-and-after’s, decorating tips, tutorials, interior design inspiration, and much more!  Jenna has worked with many companies in the home improvement community to assist them with product reviews, brand awareness, product campaigns, giveaways, and to create buzz via blog post(s) and social media channels.  Daily readers are the focus of this blog and Jenna continually strives to feature products, tips, and ideas that she 100% stands behind and knows readers will love for use in their homes.

Current Brand Partnerships:

Lowes Creative Idea, Creator & Influencer Network Member

Lowes Creative Influencer

Payless Decor, Brand Ambassador

Payless Decor Brand Ambassador, Brand, Brand Ambassdor

What companies has Jenna Burger Design worked with?
Jenna Burger Design has worked with many companies in the home improvement and design community. Jenna has established relationships with companies because she has listened to their needs and has executed a plan that shows results.

Businesses that Jenna has worked with include:

SAS Interiors Partnerships

Interested in Advertising?
Jenna Burger Design welcomes the opportunity to work with you to create a campaign that suits your advertising and budgetary needs.  Graphic ad locations are available in various sizes which appear in numerous locations on Jenna Burger Design. Included with advertising is a link from your ad to your website or desired URL, as well as updates and/or “shout-outs” about your business or on specific products on the Jenn Burger Design Facebook and Twitter pages.  Giveaway and Product Review opportunities for advertisers is offered at an additional, discounted rate.

Interested in a Product Review and/or Giveaway?
Jenna Burger Design loves partnering with businesses to host giveaways and/or reviewing products to bring new consumers to your site.  Products and/or services for giveaways need to pertain to interior design, home decor, crafting, DIY, and/or home improvement.


A Note from Jenna: Whether you’re interested in promoting your business, a product review, and/or a giveaway, Jenna Burger Design is a smart solution for a business interested in exposure and growing their brand.  I am dedicated to sharing products and information with readers that I believe in 100%.  My readers value my Seal of Approval!

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What businesses say about working with Jenna Burger Design on brand awareness:

Thank you so much for the amazing blog on Small Wall® – You absolutely nailed it! We have been written about in magazines, newspapers and other blogs, but I have to say, your article was the very best I have seen anywhere. It captured every aspect of the product, it’s benefits and use. The pictures were an added bonus. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about Small Wall. Please let me know if we can ever help you out in some way in return. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your blog. Again, thanks so much.
– Julie, Small Wall
Associated blog post:

We loved working with Jenna of SAS Interiors. The process was seamless – she was quick to respond and very thorough.  Jenna posted clear pictures with detailed descriptions and promoted it all through social media. The giveaway resulted in new and increased traffic on our website and social media pages and we couldn’t be happier with the results!
-Jennifer, Fish Foam Glass Cleaner
Associated blog post:

Working with Jenna is an absolute JOY! Her product reviews are detailed, creative and extremely professional. Her photography really sets them apart and provides great content for social platforms.  She not only has a great eye for design but provides real life insight to how products make a meaningful difference in her life.
-Amanda, ClosetMaid
Associated blog posts: and