Q + A: Sharing the Scoop

Happy Friday friends!  I'm pretty excited about today, not only because the weekend is almost here, but also because I'm over at Setting 4 Four today dishing about my passion for design.  Heather reached out to me a few months ago with some questions about my design background + experience.  After … [Read more...]

SAS Interiors Turns One

I can not believe that I've had my Interior Design business and have been blogging for a year now.  In one aspect it seems like I started "this whole thing" yesterday, and in another, I feel like I've never not been doing it - it's a strange feeling!  Well, all I can say is, what a year it's been.  … [Read more...]

SAS Interiors Got a Makeover

I'm sure if you're a daily reader of SAS Interiors, you've noticed a few changes around here...right? About a week (or two) ago, I went live with a new site design.  The overall look of SAS Interiors stayed the same, but in an effort to make the site more stylish and easier to navigate, I updated … [Read more...]

Breaking Away From the Norm and Sharing a New Hobby

On a daily basis I write about interior design and how it pertains to the home.  I share my personal DIY projects, as well as design ideas in hopes to inspire you!  But, today I'm going to get a bit more personal... Not like that.... But like this.... I've recently picked up a new hobby and … [Read more...]

Making Lemonade out of Lemon….it begins today, NOW!

Today is the day that it all begins...the next step of my design career.  Over the past year, life has definitely been thrown some curve balls.  And like the old expression, "Make lemonade out of lemons", that is what our family has done!  After lots of thinking and contemplating … [Read more...]