Publication Feature: SaratogaMama Spring 2014

Another Monday is here.  Are you ready?  The clock change definitely did a doozy on us this weekend.  We all woke up late this morning and my littlest didn't get to bed last night till 9 and woke up today after 8, which is so NOT typical.  Anyway, it's all worth it because Spring is hopefully on … [Read more...]

I’m a CoverGirl

I was thrilled when the Fall issue of Saratoga Mama (affiliated with & Saratoga Today) hit the stands last week because not only do I love finding out what's happening in my neck of the woods, but I got to finally see the space I designed featured on the front cover. My first … [Read more...]

Scouting, Shopping, Styling, Shooting

Summer's here and even though I've been trying (trying is the key word) to slow down, I'm still busy working on some projects at my house and for clients.   One in particular is something I just took on and it's going to be a fast-track, crazy, wam bam, start-and-finish-in-a-small-amount-of-time … [Read more...]