DIY Ideas for Book Organization

Happy Monday + Happy Spring! Even though it doesn't feel like Spring at the moment with a 30 degree chill, I am so thankful we didn't wake to snow this mornin' like those in NYC and Boston.  By the weeks end, I hear temps will be back in to the 50s - 60s. Phew.  Snow in Spring... what? Anyway, … [Read more...]

Brass in the Bathroom is BACK

Happy Tuesday my friends!  I know it's already the 2nd day into the week, but I hope you had a fun + fabulous weekend. I'm working on a slew of client projects, but took a bit of time for myself this weekend to hunt down an old, salvaged door for a DIY project that I have in the works for my … [Read more...]

Triple Feature in Kitchen + Bath Makeovers Magazine

Post updated 1/2015 with images from magazines... It seems like a lifetime ago, but early last year (in 2013) a crew from Better Homes & Gardens came to my home to photograph a bunch of spaces.  It was an incredible, eye-opening experience and one I will never forget. Truly a dream come true … [Read more...]

Central Command Center Revamped (again)

The year has been a little slow going for me.  With the 2 week christmas break for the kids + a couple involved (but uber-exciting) client projects + computer issues (my laptop keyboard stopping working due to a virus - UGH), I'm a bit behind.  BUT, I've got something good for you...  My Revamped … [Read more...]