In-Trend Wallpaper Inspiration + Sources

Wallpaper from the 70's... Some patterns are still bareable, but many have lived their life on the wall to the max. Recognize any of these patterns from decades past? As soon as you saw the title of this post on the topic of wallpaper, you might have cringed.  But don't stop reading... … [Read more...]


No matter the size, we're always looking for ways to make a room appear bigger!  Introducing mirrors - of any size and in any room - will give the illusion of a larger space, as well as providing visual interest + depth. It often seems like with decorating, there are rules to follow to create a … [Read more...]

Shop+ Create + Sell: Personalized Creations by Zazzle

Sharing resources for the home is one of my favorite things to do!  I love shopping online for myself + for clients, but with SO MANY sites it can often be overwhelming.  Do you agree? I recently found a site, Zazzle, that is easy to navigate + offers a great selection of products that are … [Read more...]

Pantone Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

Lamp / Turkish Pillow 1, 2 / Essie, color: a-list / Ikat Duvet Cover / Storage Settee / Corduroy Pants / Grayson Chair / Wall Art / Campaign Desk / Pouf / Kravet pillows Early December is not only the time of year when are homes start filling with festive favorites, but it's also a time to look … [Read more...]

Fall Colors for your Home Decor

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend.  Ours was filled with doing some Summer favorites for the last time + cleaning out & organizing before school starts this week. And can you believe it's September?!  Even though the last few days have been the most humid & stickiest … [Read more...]

25 Gorgeous Nursery Spaces

We're at the point with our family, that we'll soon be saying adiós, a.k.a ba-bye, to my little girls crib and "nursery".  She's almost at the age for a big girl bed (trying to hold back the tears), and as I am excited to make some changes to her room, I kind of wish she could stay in her crib … [Read more...]

Inspirational Christmas Interiors

I realized that lately I've been sharing alot of my own DIY creations (which I hope you've been enjoying) and less inspirational interior spaces by others.  With the internet, magazines, and books, I'm never at a loss for finding spaces that WOW me (and I hope you as well). With the Holidays … [Read more...]

New Year, New Home: Beautifying Your Laundry

 One space in your home that you (most likely) use ALOT is your laundry room {or laundry area or laundry closet or laundry nook} get the picture.  For me, I do TONS of laundry (more than I'd like to admit)   After the kitchen, the laundry room is most likely the second space that you spend … [Read more...]

I’m BACK and thinking BLACK!

I hope you truly enjoyed your Christmas and had some enjoyable time with your family and friends! A little time-off for me was great...I feel revived and ready to start my projects for 2011 (even though we still have a week to go in 2010)! Since the one year anniversary of living in our home is … [Read more...]

Estate Sale Finds

Some of the best pieces in my home, I found at estate sales. An estate sale is a great place to find unique and conversational items that you wouldn't see at an ordinary home furnishings store. Some typical estate sale finds, such as dining room chairs, buffets, side tables, coffee tables, etc, can … [Read more...]